Network Rules

  1. Chat Rules
    1. No bigotry of any kind. This includes racism, sexism (misogyny or misandry), homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc. 
    2. Please keep chat PG-13. No excessive swearing.
    3. No advertising other Minecraft Servers or Communities.
    4. No spamming in public chat.
    5. No begging for ranks, permissions, or to become staff.
    6. Be respectful. Use /ignore if needed. 
    7. Staff can Mute/Ban at their own discretion, you can appeal mutes and bans on the forum.
  2. Game Play Rules
    1. No hacked clients, bots, macros, cheating, or using exploits.
    2. No bypassing punishments. (IE Signs, Discord, Alts, ect)
    3. Anything that will prevent you from getting kicked (Example: AFK pool) is not permitted.
  3. Approved Mods
    1. Any Resource Pack that does not provide an X-Ray effect (IE removing textures from Stone)
    2. MiniMaps
    3. HUD Plugins that display Armor Durability ect

If you have a question, please discuss it with Staff. Better safe than sorry. The general rule is it must not be game breaking. 

SkyBlock Rules

  1. No island harvesting. This means, no creating islands for the sole purpose of mining the blocks and taking them somewhere else.  
  2. No using other players farms without permission.

Survival Rules

  1. No blocking network portals (Building around them to make them inaccessible)
  2. No claiming right next to other people (Unless you have their permission)