ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - February 14, 2021


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💕 Happy Valentine's Day, ChoiceCrafters!💕

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

  1. Events
    1. Valentines Building Event! - Winners and Prizes will be announced tomorrow 2/15!
    2. Game Night - I_see_sandvich will start hosting a game night every Saturday around 7pm GMT! Games will include jackbox,, and more.
  2. Network Updates
    1. Added Support for Bedrock clients to join the server!
    2. Rebuilt the Web Store to support Bedrock usernames
    3. Tuned plugins to support new Bedrock users!
    4. Tune Chat Filter
    5. Begin rolling ImageMap perk for ranked players
  3. Survival Updates
    1. Players can now Duel each other with the /duel command!
    2. Enabled PVP mcMMO Skills
    3. General performance tuning
  4. SkyBlock Updates
    1. Added mcMMO Boost to the Web Store
    2. Tuned Sell Wand cooldown