ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - February 28, 2021


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

  1. Network Updates
    1. Implement new chat system
    2. Implement new Tab List
    3. Remove Factions from MC Client Server Listing
  2. Survival Updates
    1. DIMENSIONS (Work in progress)!
      1. We are working on new Survival Server Dimensions
      2. We will have 3x Survival Servers with shared player data, chat, and economies
      3. All servers will have their own maps
      4. Claim Blocks will be synced, so players can live within multiple dimensions
      5. More to come on this!
    2. Dynamic View Distances! When the server gets overloaded, it automatically adjusts player view distances
    3. Install Lockette
    4. Install Editable Signs
  3. SkyBlock Updates
    1. Setup SmartHopper Buyback Program for a month
    2. Implement IntelligentHoppers - now available in the Server Shop!