ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - February 7, 2021


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week! This week is a little lighter than previous weeks due to s4 having surgery and Schrado having personal things going on!

  1. Events
    1. Valentines Building Event! - We will be providing players plots on the Survival server! All players are eligible to participate. The judging of the builds will occur on 2/15! Awards will be announced soon!
    2. Game Night - I_see_sandvich will start hosting a game night every Saturday around 7pm GMT! Games will include jackbox,, and more. Please respond to this poll to let him know what you are interested in playing
  2. Network Updates
    1. Beginning prep for Bedrock Support
  3. Survival Updates
    1. Install Duels plugin
    2. Re-Add Claim blocks to web store
    3. Tune AntI-cheat
  4. SkyBlock Updates
    1. Update Smart Hopper Plugin
    2. Update Scoreboard to include mcMMO
    3. Tune Smaug
    4. Tune Anti-cheat