ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - January 17, 2021


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

[1] Migration Updates
[a] We are now 100% migrated to the new North American server!

[2] Network Updates
[a] Started Voting Reward Revamp project
Standardize on Auto Broadcast format and configuration

[3] Factions Updates
[a] Shutdown the old Factions server
Continued to configure the new server to prepare for upcoming launch!!

[4] Survival Updates
[a] Processed Live Map’s (we needed to re-render the maps after the migration)
Added purchasable Stargates to the economy
[c] Installed Marriage plugin
[d] Installed ChatControl and did some initial tuning
[e] Disabled bats
[f] Enabled keep-inventory in Dragon’s Den
[g] Tuned: GriefPrevention, Craftbook, LuckyBlocks, Stacking, and Mob Spawning

[5] SkyBlock Updates
[a] Configured auto-purge of bats every 60 seconds
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