ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - January 24, 2021


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

The big news for the this update is the FACTIONS LAUNCH!

We would also appreciate it if you could follow us on our social media accounts. They can be found here:
[1] Factions Updates
  2. Add LuckyBlocks and mcMMO Boosts to Vote Shop
  3. Add Pig Mall
  4. Add Dueling Arenas and Dueling plugin /duel
  5. Implement Livemap without player tracking
  6. add /f home
  7. Add Dragon’s Den
  8. Add Explore world
  9. Tune TNT
[2] Network Updates
  1. Overhauled ChoiceGaming Website
  2. Deployed Centralize Tokenized Voting for the entire Network
  3. /voteshop getting implemented to all servers!
  4. /rules implemented
  5. Improve anti-cheat capabilities
  6. Tuning of anti-cheat capabilities
[3] Survival Updates
  1. Add LuckyBlocks, mcMMO Boosts, and Trench Pickaxe to Vote Shop
  2. Add /wild command from Spawn
  3. Add Mycelium to Server Shop
  4. Tune Villager AI
  5. Reset Resource worlds
[4] SkyBlock Updates
  1. Fix End and Nether islands
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