ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - January 31, 2021


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

[1] Events
[a] Valentines Building Event! - We will be providing players plots on the Survival server! All players are eligible to participate. The judging of the builds will occur on 2/15! Awards will be announced soon!
Game Night - I_see_sandvich will start hosting a game night every Saturday around 7pm GMT! Games will include jackbox,, and more. Please respond to this poll to let him know what you are interested in playing

[2] Factions Updates
[a] Server Pause - Factions will be put on pause until further notice

[3] Network Updates
[a] General backend tuning
Block the use of @ on the servers
[c] Begin experimenting with advertising to attract new players
[d] Start posting on Reddit r/mcservers every week

[4] Survival Updates
[a] Implement Plot World for Player City and Events
Increase difficulty of Resource Nether, End, and Dragon world to hard
[c] Tune Villagers mechanics
[d] Added more Marriage commands for players to use
[e] Tune LuckyBlocks, LogBlock, and Anti-Cheat

[5] SkyBlock Updates
[a] Introduction of mcMMO!
Re-adding Pets
[c] Add Vote Shop
[d] Install LuckyBlocks!
[e] Tune Mob Spawning, Mob Spawning, and anti-cheat

[6] CC Web Presence - please like and subscribe to our external presence to help promote more growth!