ChoiceCraft Sunday Update - March 7, 2021


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

Please review our Sunday Update for some exciting changes from this week!

  1. Network Updates
    1. Implement chat system to support Dimensions
    2. Implement homes/warps/teleport system to support Dimensions
      1. Players can set homes in different Dimensions
      2. Players can /tpa with players in different Dimensions
    3. Install Stats plugin (no perms enabled yet)
  2. Survival Updates
    1. Resource Dimensions Launched!!
    2. Replace Heads plugin with something more simple
    3. Replace qShop Chestshop with QuickShop
    4. Replace qShop Auctions with CrazyAuctions
    5. Tune mob spawning, EditableSigns, and chat
  3. SkyBlock Updates
    1. SmartHopper Buyback Program running this month
    2. Tune IntelligentHoppers