Screen Captures Needed!


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Hey all!

As you may have noticed the Globals have been busy revamping our Website and Social Media. This is being done so we can attract new members to our fantastic community. Part of this push is showing new players what we are about, and the type of things they can expect on our servers.

Reply to this thread with the nicest, coolest, or most bazaar screenshot you can capture. S4ndal, Schrado and myself will review the screenshots, and the best will be featured in our Social Media Campaigns. If we use your screenshot you will receive a special prize for the server of your choice! Feel free to submit many screenshots for better odds, and more chances to help the server! We want to see the server through your eyes. We are nothing without you! :D

  • The Screen Shot Must be taken on Choicecraft.
  • Shadders are encouraged, but not necessary (Make sure to tell us which one you are using).
  • Resource Packs are okay as well (Let us know which one you are using).
  • No GUIs (Hit F1 before you hit F2).
Thank you!
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