Survival & SkyBlock Focus


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Hello ChoiceCrafters!

After some back and forth, we have decided that the best thing for the community as it stands is to shrink our focus to 2 key servers while we are in our early stages of growth.

With that being said, Factions will be detached from the network until further notice. The server was not deleted, so any progress that was made over the last week will be saved.

In the meantime, we have some stop gap solutions to provide a PVP experience to some of our player base.
  • SkyBlock - Players have the ability to enable PVP on their own personal island. You can do this by changing your island settings with /island settings
  • Survival - We are currently exploring options to have a PVP Toggle capability so certain players can enable PVP while others are protected from it.
We look forward to building ChoiceCraft with you again!